Parent Representative Group

The SJB Parent Representative Group is made up of the parents and carers of students attending the school.  Its purpose is to build positive relationships between all members of the school and parish, for the benefit of their children's overall development and learnings.

Vision:  The Parent Representative Group (PRG) is a supportive and inclusive group that connects to the school and parish community and adapts to the changing educational, spiritual and social landscape. 

Goals:  The PRG will:

  1. In partnership with the school and parish, connect with families to support the learning and wellbeing of children.
  2. Respond and adapt to the changing needs of our community.
  3. Provide ongoing opportunities for families to engage with the school and parish community in a spirit of inclusivity that is sustainable.
  4. Collaborate with and support the school leadership in implementing the School Improvement Plan.


Please contact a member of the Parent Representative Group for more information about events via email



Remy Filan & Celeste Boonaerts 
Year 1 Scott Mackison, Melanie O'Donovan
Year 2 Tara Barnett, Meena James, Belinda Simpson, Remy Filan & Celeste Boonaerts
Year 3 Therese Tagoai, Meena James, Vanessa Ware, Lyndal Keyzer & Melanie O'Donovan
Years 4 

Tara Barnett, Celeste Boonaerts & Belinda Simpson

Year 5 Nadia Sgaravizzi & Jen Clarke
Year 6 Nadia Sgaravizzi & Vanessa Ware


PRG Minutes        1 March 2017                              PRG Financials     15 February 2018                          

PRG Summary     22 March 2017                             PRG Summary     15 February 2018

PRG Summary     30 March 2017                             PRG Financials     17 May 2018

PRG Summary     11 May 2017                                 PRG Summary      18 May 2018

PRG Summary     13 June 2017                                PRG Summary      26 June 2018

PRG Financials     1 August 2017                              PRG Financials     30 June 2018

PRG Summary      2 August 2017                              PRG Financials     4 September 2018

PRG Summary     19 September 2017                       

PRG Financials    18 September 2017

PRG Financials    24 October 2017

PRG Summary     26 October 2017

PRG Financials   December 2017


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