Our Staff

Leadership and Administration:

Title Staff Name(s)


Ms Nicole Cumming

Assistant Principal: Ms Fran Kane

Religious Education Coordinator:

Mrs Amanda Dillon

General Coordinators on Leadership Team: Mrs Rebecca Jordan, Mr Christopher Perry, Mrs Courtenay Harrison
Administration Mr Terry Adams, Mrs Cathie Moreau, Mrs Penny Hanna


Teaching Staff:

Year Gold Blue Red


Mrs Kylie Hempstead

Mrs Erin Timms                                      

Miss Amy Silvester                                          

Year 1

 Miss Chantelle Sheen                              

Mrs Tanya Doorn

Mrs Stephanie Fatone

Year 2

Mrs Clare Gallagher

Mrs Rebecca Jordan

Mrs Vanessa Magill

Year 3

Miss Karen Jarvis             

Mrs Katreena Fernandes & Mrs Anna Hall

Mr Trevor Husk

Year 4

Mr Christopher Perry  

Mrs Courtenay Harrison         

Mrs Kathryn Harris

Year 5

Mrs Renee Rigney

Mrs Rachel Hopper


Year 6

Ms Moira Marturia

Mr Brendan Lewis

Mrs Amanda Dillon &

Mrs Julie Newcombe

Extra Curricular Teaching Staff:

Title Staff Name(s)

Music & Drama

Mrs Cheryl Frazer


Mrs Melissa Hilaire


Ms Ann Hall

Executive Release Mrs Donna Callaway                


Support Staff:

Title Staff Name(s)

Library Assistant

Mrs  Nancy Maoi

Learning Support Teacher

Miss Angela Micallef


Mrs Christine Jones

Mrs Katrina Pugsley

Mrs Karen Gorry

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs Melissa Evans


Mrs Michelle Bell & Ms Rachel Cook


Mr Ross Ceeney


Mr Clint Young

Aspect Staff:

Class Staff Assignments

K-2 Red

Mrs Christine Kirby, Mrs Sue Anderson, Mrs Michele Fisher

2-5 Red

Ms Lauren Greentree, Mr Matt Mason, Mrs Ketrina Watson

4-6 Red

Mrs Tracey Murray, Ms Valerie Hayes


Diocese of Broken Bay (www.dbb.org.au)

21a Dulkara Road, Woy Woy
NSW, Australia 2256
Phone 02 4341 0884

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